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Welcome to Top Conspiracy Sites and Reviews.
Read reviews of the Top Conspiracy sites and vote for your favorite.

Conspiracy Sites are as old as the Internet itself. However not all Conspiracy Sites are equal and only the best sites have well managed discussion forums. This survey mainly focuses on conspiracy sites with the necessary civility and forum decorum.
Our focus is currently on the top conspiracy sites listed below. Comments on the listed conspiracy sites are welcomed.

Our survey is Dynamic and the list of the top sites will be reviewed on a weekly basis. New forums will be added and others moved down or off the list. If you have a forum or conspiracy site that you would like to see on our list for review and voting, then please add the forum name and details in the comment section below. Alternatively you can send an email to

Sites that qualify for review must have an associated forum and include a wide variety of topics and conspiracy theories. In general topics should range from the Illuminati, New World Order, 911, Global Politics and the Economy, UFO’s, Aliens and Extra Terrestrials, Ancient History, Spirituality and the Esoteric to apocalyptic predictions and Insider and whistleblower news.
Please Vote for your favorite conspiracy site below or be the first to write a review or post a comment. Visitors are allowed one vote per day.


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The Latest Cosnpiracy In The NEWS

The Latest Cosnpiracy In The NEWS


  1. LOP was once a great site. Now it is a left wing political propaganda mill like all the other MSM garbage..

  2. Fox news is the best.

  3. Chani is the place to be.

  4. because it’s not GLP, LOP or TOPS

  5. lop has some real suck ass mods, I will leave soon if they are not removed,

  6. To many shady people on TOPs i’d be back on GLP before trusting the likes of them.

  7. Censorship is rampant at LOP. Banning people, deleting and closing any thread that is critical of Israel. If you want free speech & a right to an opinion, look elsewhere!

  8. Im thankful for the post. Great.

  9. Hello, always i used to check blog posts here in the early hours in the daylight,

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